Dermot has slick black hair, curled backwards in a "cow lick" hairstyle. One of the most eye catching features in his face is the golden eyes. Slim, usually wears a black T-Shirt with a skull on it, which resembles his hate for other races.

He has a scar on the right of his forehead.


Dermot was born, as everyone is, but, at the age of ten, he was forced to abandon his family.


Apart from his exceeding skill in martial arts, he has managed to insert a tube of radiation gas into his DNA stream. This allows him to be part radiation, part human. He can let the radiation take over, so he becomes a blue gas, AKA radiation. He can make radiation produce inside his body, so, when he releases it, it allows him to use it, like a fireball, apart from its blue and much more deadly. He can produce shockwaves, still of radiation, to nock over, disarm, or even kill opponents.


He has made a suit of armour of, guess what?, radiation. He did this by placing the items, still boiling hot, onto his skin. He allowed the radiation to enter in the gaps, changed the atom layouts, so he had solid radiation armour. Plus, he hadn't even had a burn.


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