A.I.M.I.D. is a character in the game RP Legends, and a member of the cyborg race known as the X-P80I. He - well, it, really - wields a powerful armoured suit with a large variety of weapons, including energy claws, a chaingun, a gauss cannon, and it's signature weapon, the Multi-purpose Anti-armour Lance, otherwise known as the M.A.L.


The creature that would become A.I.M.I.D. was a Gorlexan, clearly visible by A.I.M.I.D.'s height and the claws belonging to the race. Little other information about A.I.M.I.D.'s predecessor is known, but it is suspected that he purposely betrayed the Gorlexans and joined the X-P80I for the immense power he would gain from it.

Armour and WeaponryEdit

A.I.M.I.D. is equipped with a powerful armoured suit covered in spikes, with a variety of weapons stored within; they are able to be revealed, retracted, or otherwise turned on and off at will. One type of these weapons are two sets of long sharpened claws, one on each hand, as all normal Gorlexans have. However, unlike normal Gorlexans, these claws have been modified to, at the user's command, produce an energy field which further increases their cutting efficiency, to the point that lead can be sliced through like butter.

A.I.M.I.D. also has a chaingun implanted into it's right hand and a gauss cannon implanted into it's left shoulder. The chaingun appears from the palm of the hand, with the de-energised fingers/claws folding around the weapon to form a roughly circular and/or pentagonal shape; once deployed, it is able to unload 5000 rounds per minute into whatever opposes it. The gauss cannon takes the place of the spike covering A.I.M.I.D.'s left shoulder when deployed, and is able to fire a round through 6.5 metres of solid steel without the round slowing noticably, and with a formidable fire rate of 70 rounds per minute, it has been known for A.I.M.I.D. to eliminate small armies with the cannon alone.


The Multi-purpose Anti-armour Lance - otherwise known as the M.A.L. - is A.I.M.I.D.'s signature weapon. It deploys in a similar way to the chaingun, and is essentially a medieval times-esque lance, 1.5 metres in length, with small sharpened electrodes covering the third of the lance furthest away from A.I.M.I.D. when deployed. These electrodes deliver a powerful shock to whatever they come into contact with, electrocuting flesh and machinery alike with enough power to paralyse both for a fairly long while, assuming the lance itself does not kill or destroy the unfortunate that is hit by the weapon. What makes it so special and so powerful, however, is the fact that when it shocks anything based around electronics or computers, it simultaneously delivers a virus directly into the device. This virus' sole purpose is to shut down all the systems of whatever it is within (excluding A.I.M.I.D. itself, obviously), then lock up the entire thing, preventing anything and everything from accessing it to reboot them - in short, it can turn a tank into the equivalent of a pile of scrap metal in less than a minute, with the tank being totally unable to do anything to prevent it's demise due to having been short-circuited just moments before.


Due to the size of some of these weapons, it is almost a question of whether A.I.M.I.D. actually wields the suit, or whether it simply is the suit, as the weapons, and especially the gauss cannon, would have to be retracted fairly deep into it's body in order to be hidden so well. The answer to this question, however, is unknown as of yet.


This page was made by BCLEGENDS. I am the word of God on this character. Refer to this if unsure about anything that I do in-game... uh, yeah.

BCLEGENDS 20:43, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

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